“Solta a Franga” 2011

I noticed a nice radio segment out of the Netherlands which appropriately features Gary DiBenedetto “Twin Towers” for the coming anniversary next week of the tragedy, 9/11.  The second half of the program features almost the complete album, “Safe Passage,” Electroshock Records – 2010.  Listen to the full broadcast here.

1.   ‘A Question Of Principle’ movement 1, 2 & 3.
2.   ‘Self Portrait’.
3.   ‘Twin Towers’.
Gary DiBenedetto: “Twin Towers” – 2010. (ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS ELCD 051)

4.   ‘Dispatch’
5.   ‘November 13, 2009’
6.   ‘Abysmal’
7.   ‘The Giant Eye Of The 5th Dimension’
8.   ‘X503’
9.   ‘Unrelated’
10. ‘Safe Passage’
11. ‘Trinity 666 – The Last Train To Hell’
J.C. Combs: “Safe Passage” – 2010. (ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS ELCD 053)


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