We all need some free time

I will not make this a long philosophical essay on the merits of giving away music for free or charging for it.  I will quickly point out that within the arts monetary gain is typically sought through grants and commissions, the latter being the status quo for quite a long time.  Aside from the fact that for the moment I’m still focusing on non-traditional instrumentation, I’ve decided to give away my music for free at my personal label Cellar Door Records and here at the mirror of that label in the catalog/downloads section.  This doesn’t necessarily apply to future or past works which I may release or have already released on an outside label or music loaded into distribution networks.  I agree with both sides of the spectrum of the free-versus-charge-argument, but with the economy and the faulty socioeconomic present tense, it makes more sense to give away my music here at my website and personal label (cellar door records) free of charge.  If things were to improve, switching positions isn’t entirely impossible.  I am also in the process of researching the Internet Archives as a way to upload my music.

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