David Toub

I’m going to post a quick blog series on ImprovFriday for my own record before a Wiki one day displays their own version.  Not many people know about my efforts in running an online event for the last 2+ years.   Just so you know, its called “ImprovFriday,” an online event held every week.  Pretty simple, we look for new music musicians around the world who are willing to share their music freely in a sort of virtual playground of music.

David Toub was not only the first member of ImprovFriday; through numerous think tank sessions dating 2009-2010 he was vital to make IF an actual event.  Toub took over the helm of the group New Ensembles and Composers in 2010.

Toub is a gifted composer really worth checking out.   Post-minimalism is his preferred genre descriptor, creating great works in the early 80s and continuing to this day.

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2 thoughts on “David Toub

  1. Thanks, JC. Got quite a surprise just now when your post with my name on it came up on my RSS newsreader. You’re too kind. Many thanks for the shout out.

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