Jeffrey Harrington

Jeffrey Harrington – 2009. Regarding the history of ImprovFriday, the second person worthy of mention is Jeff Harrington. Jeff was also included in the think tank, but quit in late 2009. Jeff had some great ideas, but all in all, we didn’t agree in the overall direction. Jeff deserves thanks for allowing me to use his work, Viento Del Monstruo to open up the event for a good two to three months. A lovely, festive piece. Very glad he allowed me to use it.

What Jeff Harrington really deserves is credit for rooting for the idea of IF while we were hobbling along Twitter and for using his own site, NNM, to lend a proving ground for how it could work at a central location. I did offer IF to Jeff Harrington when realizing how NNM blossomed with IF, but as the gentleman he is, he declined.

IF is also proud of Harrington in that he won the Calefax Prize in 2010.

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