Paul H. Muller

Paul Muller2009 to present.  Back in the day when ImprovFriday was 1st circulating around Twitter, Facebook and NNM, I used to post a playlist to this here blog.  One day in 2009 Paul Muller posted a comment here and asked a simple question with a statement to the point of:  I want to submit notated works and if accomplished within the time period of the event, why not include it?  Should IF be limited purely to the idea of absolute improvisation?  Well, we weren’t exactly following a pure improvisational structure to begin with, so I was open to more ideas.

I checked out Paul’s status.  A minimalist composer whose influence is Bach, composes for his church, performs in the local symphony.  I concluded this is definitely an artist worthy of joining the IF team, if not only to counter my temperament but to widen the scope of what ImprovFriday represents.

Paul Muller has worked with IF since late 2009 to really invoke what we are now as an event.  He consistently comes up with new ideas and lends his input on every tiny or significant issue.  Paul also played a large part in organizing the renewal of IF in the second year of our pay to host status and was an instrumental part of the projects, ImprovFriday Vo. 1& 2,  and  For Japan.  He has written several mini-reviews at IF as well – example and started up IF Radio which has turned into a joint project with Jim Goodin.  He also is involved in the project “What’s New at ImprovFriday” with Jim Goodin.

Paul released an ambient work definitely worth checking out titlted “dark sunset.”  Here is a great review.   

Paul is also an author at the Contemporary Composer blog at Sequenza21. 


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