Four Night Scenes

Steve Layton put together a four track album titled “Four Night Scenes”- for the Amaranth Sound net-label, which is an IF Event label focusing primarily on compilation projects.  My work, “Magic Theater – Entrance Not For Everybody (feat. Noyes, Sanderson, Sundström), is included.   A mixture of pieces and electronic treatment feat. Lee Noyes “punaises de lit” Richard Sanderson “Lights of the Bay” and Roger ErocNet Sundström “Verto Serpentes.”  The title is a line from Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse.

Four Night Scenes:  “A series of four interrelated mash-ups, of tracks created during the August 2-4, 2012 ImprovFriday online event. All of them share very similar material, length, and a deep ambiance, but each masher’s take on the material is distinctive and personal. The mashers are Steve Layton, J.C. Combs, and Roger Sundström; the musicians mashed are Benjamin Smith, Steve Moshier, Paul H. Muller, Lee Noyes, Richard Sanderson, Roger Sundström, Chris Vaisvil, Lydia Busler-Blais, as well as insect sound samples from lorenzosu, acclivity, and reinsamba at”  – Steve Layton


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