Bruce Hamilton

I’m going to get around to actually create a section for the ImprovFriday “mind” here. I have included the advisers back in the early days, Harrington and Toub, and the artists who followed, involved presently: Layton and Muller.  Now its Bruce Hamilton‘s turn.

I remember Bruce participating way, way back in the summer of 2009. Every week he would post something very original and one particular event it was so damn hot outside….  Oh yeah, its an online event right?  Well anyway, Bruce lives in my state (Washington), and he posted a piece called “Fanner.”  He recorded his fan and manipulated the sound and turned it into a wonderful piece.

I wouldn’t admit this to Bruce publicly, but I asked him to work with ImprovFriday due to his vast experience with new music events, in particular his experience with BEAF.  And its no coincidence that IF has flourished in our little niche due to the advice of Mr. Hamilton.   Bruce was the lead and key figure curating releases IF vol. 1-2.

Bruce also heads up a very active new music label “spectropol”.  Definitely check that out, with an array of seriously talented artists.

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