Up to speed

Who blogs anymore?  More of us should, actually.  It has to beat posting to our generic blue and white diary right?  Since I last updated this blog (which as you may know doubles as my artist website) I was lauding Bruce Hamilton for his efforts over the years with ImprovFriday.  Since that post, however, we decided on a name change to accurately represent the online event.  You see, we felt the fact that the event carries over to Saturday and now opens Thursday didn’t match the title.  Couple that with the broader scope of music beyond improvisation and, thus, we decided a name change was in order.  Not that anything regarding the event needed change, just the name.  So now we are Sound-In.  If you remember the days of sit-ins, love-ins or even bed-ins, then you will get the gist of the name.

Secondly, I’ve been advising a new radio-show-turned-video-cast called “Words on New Music” with Paul Muller and Jim Goodin at YT.  The online broadcasts review artists from the Sound-In events in addition to all sorts of new music artists.  They also produce in-depth interviews.

Also it was nice to discover a work of mine was picked up from my Soundcloud  page called “recycled piano” and included in the fine radio show Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk (WFMU), 91.1 fm in New York, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley.  Check out the show here.

Update:  “Recycled Piano” was picked up by the label “Spectropol” to accompany two other works on the album “Gazing,” due out sometime in June 2013.


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