Cloudy day

Cloudy Day by J.C. Combs “The weatherman didn’t say it was going to be cloudy,” Frank suggested to himself as he stood up and patted the sand off his legs.  “Bad day to go to the beach,” Frank thought.  Then he thought about it some more…  He put his sunglasses on and looked up.  “Damn […]

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Blue by J.C. Combs Adam neared the piano, center stage of a large hall. The piano was blue. He turned his back to the piano, and directly across the stage was a viola resting on a stand. The viola was blue. The sky was blue and the moon was blue too. The stars were twinkling […]

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Megalomaniac’s Machination

Megalomaniac’s Machination by J.C. Combs I entered a room. Twenty people stood in various poses, chatting about this and that. “Why, I heard that Nixon ordered an investigation,” a man in a flowery yellow suit replied and then took a puff from an Ashton. “Felines are immune,” I made out from another conversation at the […]

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Homicidal Thoughts

Homicidal Thoughts by J.C. Combs I used to admire you. As I walked past every day, quickly glancing your direction, I could smell your pleasant scent wafting through the air. I also noticed your curves and how you were the quiet type, never making even a sound. But all that changed, didn’t it? I used […]

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Asleep at the Keys

Asleep at the Keys by JC Combs I am asleep, dreaming of typing obscure thoughts – elephants, speck of chipped paint distorts, sudden conversation, shadowless objects, shhhh. Xi Hu Longjing in a bag, protesters, pigs, blood-sucking aphids, daffodils; peering into a curved mirror, volcanic glass. “Wait, I know the name, don’t remind me.” “Mercury,” she […]

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