Currents Video 2015

February 21, 2015

Artwork “Geometropolis” 2007 by Jon Brenner.

Painting by Sibyl Allenson “Life, Beginning” (1960s)

Mark Wittlestick (Video)

December 10, 2014

The video of “Gazing” dance performance March 13, 2014.  Note, you can adjust the settings to HD which I recommend.


Choreography: Susan Haines in Collaboration with the Dancers

Costumes: Susan Haines
Music: J.C. Combs
Visual Artist: Prentiss Cole
Stage Manager: Christina Butterton
Lighting Design: Charlie Weber
Set Pieces Design: Prentiss Cole

Dancers: Elizabeth Clarkson, Marisa Fernandez, Makenna Johansen, Kimberlee Kipperburg, Nora Lang, Elli Madsen, Savanna Milton, Mallorie Powell, Terriell Samuels, Ashley Schultz, Kyra Skaggs, Julia White

August 29/30th brought excellent dance performances set to my new work “Gazing” (Spectropol) at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center – Bellingham, Washington.  Choreography by Susan Haines, performances by Hannah Andersen, Alona Christman, Shannon Tallman (It Must Have Been Violet Dance Productions).

Opening, three dancers in focus and as they gracefully extend outward, the stage opens.  As the second piece titled “Apparition” suggests, they might be ghosts.  A beautiful production and wonderfully haunting.  The performance and choreography outstanding.  As the piece ends and the lighting fades to black, we know the apparitions dance on.  Bravo.

Performed at the Bellingham Electronic Music Festival May 7, 2011. Composer J.C. Combs, Choreography/Performance Susan Haines (It Must Have Been Violet Dance Productions)