It was refreshing to see a review of a work I posted to Soundcloud as a dedication to my friend, Paul Muller.  Paul happens to be a huge Steve Reich fan and creates minimalist-style works as well, hence the dedication.  This was the first piece in the study and for this one I chose to base the method off of Reich’s Clapping Music in conjunction with other methods.  So perhaps not true to the phasing of tempo adjustments which I will address in further studies.

“The driving pulse of the music has the busy urban nightscape quality of Reich’s early works in this manner, where musical lines of close derivation create sonic moiré patterns.”  –  Disquiet 

Mark Wittlestick (Video)

December 10, 2014

“What to say other than “oh, oh, oh”, for this damsel is one to get passionate about.”  –  The Cookshop (full review here)

Album link –



Excerpt from the review on the pages of Just Outside of Every Junkie is a Recording.

Very hallucinatory, very enticing. The serene rhythm disappears into the void, leaving a large, rippling eddy- Just Outside (full review here)

Excerpt from the review on the pages of Chain D.L.K. of Every Junkie is a Recording.

we are strolling down a familiar street at night, perhaps in the fog, the lights from the lamp posts providing little pools of welcome illumination. The texture, however, morphs into a less distinct rhythm as the opening section progresses, and a more alien, metallic feel creeps into the tones of the upper registers. Now little gusts of wind are heard – the landscape has changed to the less familiar, even as we continue walking tentatively forward. – Chain D.L.K (full review here)

The video of “Gazing” dance performance March 13, 2014.  Note, you can adjust the settings to HD which I recommend.


Choreography: Susan Haines in Collaboration with the Dancers

Costumes: Susan Haines
Music: J.C. Combs
Visual Artist: Prentiss Cole
Stage Manager: Christina Butterton
Lighting Design: Charlie Weber
Set Pieces Design: Prentiss Cole

Dancers: Elizabeth Clarkson, Marisa Fernandez, Makenna Johansen, Kimberlee Kipperburg, Nora Lang, Elli Madsen, Savanna Milton, Mallorie Powell, Terriell Samuels, Ashley Schultz, Kyra Skaggs, Julia White

I had a great time attending the dance of “Gazing” and hanging out with Susan Haines (choreographer) and Bruce Hamilton (composer) in their neck of the woods in Bellingham, WWU Performing Arts Center.  It was a great show and loved the interpretation of the piece.  I will post the video as soon as it is available, but for now here are some photographs from my visit.

photo1 (1)

Program Notes

JC Combs & Susan Haines

JC Combs & Susan Haines

Bruce Hamilton & J.C. Combs

Bruce Hamilton on the Stylus

Bruce Hamilton on the Stylus

WWU Studio

WWU Studio

A new release to the sound art-hybrid world “Every Junkie is a Recording,”- a piece which travels in and around ambient, drone, accidental sounds, mystery synthesis and melodic noise.  Available for online purchase now.

Excursion Score Website

November 20, 2013


I was thinking about modern day sheet music, how it could be presented.  So I thought about how newspapers and magazines have shifted to an online format and how easy it would be to host my own scores not only here at my main website, but also create a site purely for the works in question, thereby allowing me to post information relevant to the score and not clutter up this site.  So far I have sheet music, photos and mp3 MIDI examples.  I intend to replace a few of the recordings with my own performances in the future.


November 19, 2013

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