The Old Cellar – Duo Harpverk

Pleased to announce the premiere of The Old Cellar, a piece written for percussion and harp – scheduled to be performed Friday, February 6 at 9:00pm UTC, Reykjavík, Iceland by Duo Harpverk.   Frank Aarnink and Katie Buckley are the two members of the duo (also members of the Icelandic Symphonie Orchestra).  Duo Harpverk has performed in many […]

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“Gazing” WWU Performing Arts Center March 13, 2014

The video of “Gazing” dance performance March 13, 2014.  Note, you can adjust the settings to HD which I recommend.   Choreography: Susan Haines in Collaboration with the Dancers Costumes: Susan Haines Music: J.C. Combs Visual Artist: Prentiss Cole Stage Manager: Christina Butterton Lighting Design: Charlie Weber Set Pieces Design: Prentiss Cole Dancers: Elizabeth Clarkson, […]

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Excursion Score Website

I was thinking about modern day sheet music, how it could be presented.  So I thought about how newspapers and magazines have shifted to an online format and how easy it would be to host my own scores not only here at my main website, but also create a site purely for the works in […]

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