ImprovFriday Exposition: June 5, 2009

ImprovFriday was particularly fun yesterday and very busy. A big welcome to Vanessa Rossetto, who provided a beautifully aching improvasition for viola.  Not in the romantic sense, but as if she were deconstructing the viola and every so often we hear the instrument speak one sentence, perhaps explaining the meaning for its existence. Special thanks […]

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Fascinating Sounds: Caroline M. Breece

Link:  Caroline M. Breece Readers, check out composer Caroline M. Breece whom I myself recently discovered.  If you are ready for a journey into sounds, the music of Caroline M. Breece is right up your alley; and sometimes that alley is dark.  My personal favorite thus far is the “Metachromasia” series.    From her website bio:  “As regards to […]

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Seeking Raw, Seeking

Sounds.  I am currently exploring free VSTs littered in the web.  My master plan is to find raw and clean sounds to make yes, yes, MORE WEIRD MUSIC!!  I was almost there yesterday, but it turned out “Crystal” is just too hard to deal with.  She clips and distorts, way too much maintenance.  I might […]

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Wake, Reality

The world is overburdened with rich, greedy humans.  They spawn and grow.  The world is overburdened with poor, naive humans.  They spawn and grow. The world is kept with adversity, to squelch and smite to whom who is not born unto sacred, golden pastures of gliding, glowing poseurs filling the empty spaces.

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