Take a Classical Vacation

Effective composition, like every other art form-lets use a female writer (to avoid the he/she shit) as our example-relies most heavily on the composer’s keen awareness of her surroundings. A person attempting to write a novel is not best served by studying writing methods and a composer is not best served by studying composition methods.  […]

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Listen to David Toub

Link: David Toub Its Saturday night and I’m dying of heat. I was planning to compose a 20 minute-plus work dedicated to Mars Webbens this weekend and ended up composing IMO the most mainstream work yet to date: An Incidental Lucid Moment (although I kind of dig it). Anyway, I want to give a nice […]

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Chopin on Performing

Another Sunday, worked this morning a bit and decided to spend the day relaxing. However, when I punched in to check out my blog, I noticed a new WordPress feature. In a streak of red-orange the words “Post Now” appeared in the dashboard. So what was I to do? I followed the orders, but figured […]

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My Favourite Film Music

Quick Note: I have decided to include the letter U into words (i.e., favoUrite) for a more Euro-vibe. It looks better. I’m not in to pumping businesses. Naming them in a blog, its a sort of viral marketing. And since I’m not being paid to name drop, I’d prefer to simply leave the name of […]

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