The New Rules (part 1)

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you have been following this space, you have had the privilege of witnessing first hand, a composer composing in the most traditional (notated untradititional) sense, to then flip everything over on its head. As for the former, I used to blog regularly about my compositions as they were notated, clean, and […]

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ImprovFriday+1 September 25-26, 2009

Steve Moshier – The Calling – improvfriday (9/25/09) Steve Moyes – Sycamore Alun Vaughan – Just a Phase Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Impro 09/25/09 Lee Noyes – Clustering Johnny & Faith – Improv 9/25/09 Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Sep.20.2009 Shane W. Cadman – Piece 092509 Steve Layton – 1.  Spaceship (attribution to Benjamin Smith, Lee Noyes, Steve […]

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ImprovFriday July 17, 2009

Bruce Hamilton – Clocker Improv Dave Seidel – Sisters and Brothers Live at the Starving Artist, July 16, 2009 Steve Moyes – Untitled Improvisation David Toub – For Philip Glass Alun Vaughan – Untilted Rendered JC Combs – 4/17/09improv Paul Muller – Stuck in Four Benjamin Smith – Vocal Impro7/15/09 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Use of […]

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ImprovFriday Exposition: June 5, 2009

ImprovFriday was particularly fun yesterday and very busy. A big welcome to Vanessa Rossetto, who provided a beautifully aching improvasition for viola.  Not in the romantic sense, but as if she were deconstructing the viola and every so often we hear the instrument speak one sentence, perhaps explaining the meaning for its existence. Special thanks […]

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Tonsils on Piano

I’ve been fighting a virus for the past two days and yesterday was the worst. I had achy joints all day, but no fever. So I go to bed and wake up with all the joint pain gone, feeling good as new. Except my throat feels raw. So I go and look in the mirror […]

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About Composer Marc’antonio Modaro

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, composer Marc’antonio Modaro. I met Marco back in the days of  We used to frequent their message boards and enjoyed lively debates (of course in the middle of composing works).  We then coincidently joined a composer network called “The Group” which subsequently changed (with my […]

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