J.C. Combs (born 1970) is a Seattle-based new music composer. His works include “Charmed Elixirs” from 2008 (Sequenza21 described it as “antique poise and luminescence recalled in a disturbing dream from just last night”), “Bats in the Belfry” from 2009, “Safe Passage” on the premiere Russian label Electroshock Records from 2010 which has been featured […]

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About Composer Marc’antonio Modaro

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, composer Marc’antonio Modaro. I met Marco back in the days of  We used to frequent their message boards and enjoyed lively debates (of course in the middle of composing works).  We then coincidently joined a composer network called “The Group” which subsequently changed (with my […]

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Listen to David Toub

Link: David Toub Its Saturday night and I’m dying of heat. I was planning to compose a 20 minute-plus work dedicated to Mars Webbens this weekend and ended up composing IMO the most mainstream work yet to date: An Incidental Lucid Moment (although I kind of dig it). Anyway, I want to give a nice […]

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Ture Larsen

Ture Larsen has some great music up at his Myspace page.  I am not aware of a blog or website to link to, but his page over at Myspace offers a fantastic visit full of  mysterious sounds mixed up with electroacoustic and standard orchestral instruments.  Ture doesn’t hold anything back in his composition and it shows.  […]

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A Great Listen

I ran into Marc Chan on the web yesterday via his Myspace band page.  I remember when I first heard his works, a piece called “J’s Box 2 for Five Oboes.” I sent Steve Layton a message and said check this guy out.  So yesterday I visited and noticed he has been working on a piece called “My Wounded […]

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