November 19, 2013

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“Solta a Franga” 2011

September 5, 2011

I noticed a nice radio segment out of the Netherlands which appropriately features Gary DiBenedetto “Twin Towers” for the coming anniversary next week of the tragedy, 9/11.  The second half of the program features almost the complete album, “Safe Passage,” Electroshock Records – 2010.  Listen to the full broadcast here.

1.   ‘A Question Of Principle’ movement 1, 2 & 3.
2.   ‘Self Portrait’.
3.   ‘Twin Towers’.
Gary DiBenedetto: “Twin Towers” – 2010. (ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS ELCD 051)

4.   ‘Dispatch’
5.   ‘November 13, 2009’
6.   ‘Abysmal’
7.   ‘The Giant Eye Of The 5th Dimension’
8.   ‘X503’
9.   ‘Unrelated’
10. ‘Safe Passage’
11. ‘Trinity 666 – The Last Train To Hell’
J.C. Combs: “Safe Passage” – 2010. (ELECTROSHOCK RECORDS ELCD 053)

Here is a short review of Safe Passage.

J.C. Combs


Electroshock Records


Llamativo trabajo experimental, basado en la combinación de técnicas de collage sonoro con audiopaisajes urbanos y atmósferas musicales.

Las piezas, con títulos como por ejemplo “Trinity 666 – The Last Train to Hell” (que cierra el disco), “November 13, 2009”, o “The Giant Eye of the 5th Dimension”, son como audiorretratos, algunos realistas, otros con toques sobrenaturales, que oscilan entre los aires costumbristas y el Ambient oscuro, además de entre otras influencias.


A remarkable experimental work based in the combination of techniques of collage of sound with urban audio passages and musical atmospheres, this is a noteworthy album. The themes, with such titles as for example “Trinity 666 – The Last Train to Hell” (closing the album), “November 13, 2009”, or “The Giant Eye of the 5th Dimension”, are some sort of audio portraits, some realistic, others with supernatural touches, flowing from folk airs and dark ambient among other influences. – DOMINIQUE CHEVANT –