cassette-tapeSteve Moyes – Falling In

Thomas Bjørnseth – Piano Music – Part 2

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Chant for Two Violas

Shane Cadman – Piece 082809

JC Combs – Provi III

Paul Hertz –Leaps and Bounds Beneath the Surface

Bruce Hamilton – Plane Improv

Paul Muller – Postlude for Two Pianos

Ken Palmer – Even

Benjamin Smith – Benimpro.8.27.09

Johnny & Faith – Instant Hippie

Johnny & Faith – Hippie Stew (Samples from Adam Kondor, Benjamin Smith, Paul Muller, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen,  Henryk Górecki)

Adam Kondor – Grcki Mix (Samples from Henryk Górecki via Youtube)

Shane Cadman – Improvisation 8.7.09

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.July.31.2009.080709

Bruce Hamilton – Pastorale Improv

Charles Turner – Burrowing

JC Combs – Improvisation 8.7.09

Paul Hertz – Sages Leave Their Contemplations

Johnny & Faith – Hiding From Grandma by Token Wonder

David Toub – For Roger Copland

Paul Muller – Three Bar Transform

Thomas Bjørnseth – Episode 8-9

James Ross – Wayfarin’ Improv

Ladies and Gentleman. I am coining this term: “Tricked by the Application,” if it hasn’t been coined yet. This Archimedes moment hit me just as I realized I sent out a totally inappropriate YouTube video to 14 of my new Facebook friends. Of course, I didn’t really send it out, I was TBA!

Silly, maybe. Think about the term. Would it exist without the internet? I can’t come up with an example. Yet, in our high-tech age being “tricked by the application” is written in our human code as a SOP.

TBA! Don’t let it happen!

I Joined Facebook

May 14, 2008

I have little idea how to use it yet.  If you are on it, you can find me there:  My facebook.  Feel free to invite me! 

Amaranth artists need to get out there on the web, especially the composers.  I am pretty sure that within the next couple of years online is going to be 80% of retail sales.  Musically, probably 95%.  Just 10 years ago I would have thought that was a crazy notion.