ImprovFriday August 28, 2009

Steve Moyes – Falling In Thomas Bjørnseth – Piano Music – Part 2 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Chant for Two Violas Shane Cadman – Piece 082809 JC Combs – Provi III Paul Hertz –Leaps and Bounds Beneath the Surface Bruce Hamilton – Plane Improv Paul Muller – Postlude for Two Pianos Ken Palmer – Even Benjamin […]

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ImprovFriday July 31, 2009

Thomas Bjørnseth – Episode 7 Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.July.31.2009 Paul Hertz – Seven Sixty-Second Striving Songful Strains Paul Muller – Four Five Six-Four David Toub – Excerpt from ‘Textbook‘ Alun Vaughan – Summer Apparently JC Combs – One of Two and  Two of Two (Samples for One of Two used with permission from Berkeley College […]

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ImprovFriday Exposition: June 5, 2009

ImprovFriday was particularly fun yesterday and very busy. A big welcome to Vanessa Rossetto, who provided a beautifully aching improvasition for viola.  Not in the romantic sense, but as if she were deconstructing the viola and every so often we hear the instrument speak one sentence, perhaps explaining the meaning for its existence. Special thanks […]

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