November 19, 2013

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Big event week

December 5, 2011

You can never predict when the ImprovFriday event week is going to be quiet, fair or large.  Last week, December 1-3, was pretty large, with a couple new contributors and some old faces showing up for a total of 67 unique works.  Ambient, drone, noise, acousmatic, electronic…., IF has it covered.  There’s also a fair amount of mixes and mashes since we operate under a 3.0 creative commons.

Here is the particular playlist and here is the actual “event thread” if you would like to peruse through each post with the description of works and photos tagging along in some cases.

16,000 unique visitors

August 26, 2010

I want to thank all the deranged individuals who have stuck with my blog through its active and dormant times! I’ve been busy of late with ImprovFriday and projects, so the blog has taken a slight hit. I also have had some personal obligations the last couple months. Once again, thanks for reading!

Join us over at ImprovFriday for this weekend’s event!

Dear Readers,

I am very proud to announce that my latest CD titled, “Safe Passage,” was released on the Electroshock Records label on April 12, 2010.

Some of you might remember a new release back around December 2009 titled “ImprovFriday Sessions” which I had just loaded to Bandcamp. That, in essence, is the same album minus two additional works that were added to “Safe Passage.” After connecting with Artemiy Artemiev, the plan was put into place to release “IF Sessions” as “Safe Passage” on the Electroshock label for greater promotional potential.  Suffice it to say, I am very thrilled to be working with Artemiy.

Now about the album: “Safe Passage” is a study of my period of growth into hybrid of electroacoustic, sound art, synthesis, music concrete and collage. The creation process primarily took place around the event “ImprovFriday” and the transformation in style from my recent piano works was inspired by a meeting at a small Ballard pub called Molly Maguires with Christopher DeLaurenti and Steven Barsotti, the attendance of a great performance by “The Seattle Phonographers Union” and a one month new music study with Gust Burns.

I also have two albums to be announced in the future that I am very excited about – including a collaboration with Lee Noyes out of New Zealand.  For a little preview into what Lee brings to the table, have a videe (he’s on drums).

Steve Moyes kicks off the 1st live streaming performance for ImprovFriday’s new concert series. The concert will be held on the front page @ ImprovFriday. To attend, visit IF at that time period (4 PM PST, 7 PM EST) and you’re set! For the event time in your part of the world, check here.

No sign up or joining required. Cheers.

Musical Therapy

November 22, 2009

Ophelia Steve Layton (feat. Paul Muller, Lee Noyes, Steve Moyes, J.C. Combs)

She Noticed the Color of Her Eyes – JC Combs, Joseph Benzola, Lee Noyes, Benjamin Smith

I would like to share two works from this week’s ImprovFriday session, exact opposites and I have realized they work as therapy, especially if listened to back to back. Heaven and Hell. Lets start with Hell. The first is “She Noticed the Color of Her Eyes.” The exact moment in time where a woman fell in love. Its a big mash of Joseph Benzola, Lee Noyes, and Benjamin Smith with serious tweaking on my part and employing the addition of found sounds. I combined all three of Joe’s works he submitted to IF and at one point spaced two side by side. I tweaked the volume level to lower and rise and switched the sound direction to pan. I also added the effect “a cold house – reverb” . For Lee’s percussion improv, I added “formant frenzy” from the echo chamber. For Ben’s electronic organ impro, I tweaked the volume as well but here’s the catch, I added the sweeping phaser “red pill/blue.”

Once you listened to that, its time to shake off any anxiety or tension with Steve Layton’s “Ophelia.” A mash of Paul Muller, Lee Noyes, Steve Moyes, and myself — Steve says “crazy, but quietly and sweetly so.”

I hope the therapy worked.  For more, head over here.   ImprovFriday

ImprovFriday is growing up!

October 30, 2009

blank-ad_brick-wall copy11ahh, isn’t she so cute?  The event ImprovFriday is really flourishing with its own public network. I want to encourage users to use the network features beyond the fun event, especially the blogs to promote themselves and share thoughts, ideas, etc.

So far users have been taking advantage of the photo section to make an art walk.

There are also some pretty nice videos there as well.

And lastly, what makes the place tick, the members.

Steve Moshier – The Calling – improvfriday (9/25/09)

Steve Moyes – Sycamore

Alun Vaughan – Just a Phase

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Impro 09/25/09

Lee Noyes – Clustering

Johnny & Faith – Improv 9/25/09 theramin

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Sep.20.2009

Shane W. Cadman – Piece 092509

Steve Layton – 1.  Spaceship (attribution to Benjamin Smith, Lee Noyes, Steve Moshier, Token Wonder).  2.  The Library of Babel (attribution to Adam Kondor, Benjamin Smith, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Shane W. Cadman).  3.  All Through the Night (attribution to Jeff Harrington, Steve Moshier, Token Wonder, Build, Roman Opalka).

Adam Kondor – SuperBrand

Jeffrey Harrington – Thunder – Sanibel Island – 7-25-09

Paul Muller – 9/26/09

JC Combs – September 25, 2009 with War of the Worlds Fake News Cast (Attribution to Lee Noyes, Jeffrey Harrington)

Greg Hooper – Limit (video impro)

Bruce Hamilton –  Fole-felu improv part 1 – Fole-felu improv part 2 (Attribution to Jeff Harrington, Steve Moyes)

cassette-tapeSteve Moyes – Falling In

Thomas Bjørnseth – Piano Music – Part 2

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Chant for Two Violas

Shane Cadman – Piece 082809

JC Combs – Provi III

Paul Hertz –Leaps and Bounds Beneath the Surface

Bruce Hamilton – Plane Improv

Paul Muller – Postlude for Two Pianos

Ken Palmer – Even

Benjamin Smith – Benimpro.8.27.09

Johnny & Faith – Instant Hippie

Johnny & Faith – Hippie Stew (Samples from Adam Kondor, Benjamin Smith, Paul Muller, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen,  Henryk Górecki)

Adam Kondor – Grcki Mix (Samples from Henryk Górecki via Youtube)

Shane Cadman – Improvisation 8.7.09

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.July.31.2009.080709

Bruce Hamilton – Pastorale Improv

Charles Turner – Burrowing

JC Combs – Improvisation 8.7.09

Paul Hertz – Sages Leave Their Contemplations

Johnny & Faith – Hiding From Grandma by Token Wonder

David Toub – For Roger Copland

Paul Muller – Three Bar Transform

Thomas Bjørnseth – Episode 8-9

James Ross – Wayfarin’ Improv