Northern Lights Wrapping Up

After five months of hard work, I have finally finished up the ambient album Northern Lights.  Here is the cover art by Erica Verkamp (acrylic paint on canvas) and a track below to preview.  I would estimate the release date as sometime before 2018. Advertisements

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The Old Cellar Performance

I was so pleased and surprised the outstanding Duo Harpverk performed my work “The Old Cellar” at their annual concert at Cafe Rosenberg on September 8th in Iceland.  The Old Cellar is a fairly short minimal-esque fantasy which was specifically composed for and dedicated to Duo Harpverk — the two performers being Frank Aarnink and Katie […]

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Sound Culture: Adventures Festival

I will be visiting Bellingham for the Sound Culture:  Adventures Festival – April 30 thru May 2, 2015, My set will include two music/video presentations, an excerpt of my work Passi as the music to Susan Haines’ short dance film “A Study in Red #4”, and a video re-showing of “Gazing;” the contemporary dance (choreography Susan […]

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