The Old Cellar Performance

September 12, 2015

I was so pleased and surprised the outstanding Duo Harpverk performed my work “The Old Cellar” at their annual concert at Cafe Rosenberg on September 8th in Iceland.  The Old Cellar is a fairly short minimal-esque fantasy which was specifically composed for and dedicated to Duo Harpverk — the two performers being Frank Aarnink and Katie Buckley.  The score, as with all my scores, was pretty bare in terms of instructions, but DH interprets it beautifully (twice performed previously this year).  I hope to work with them more in the future.

“With this collection J.C. Combs revels in the splendor of lush tones.”  – Beach Sloth    Read full review

I will be visiting Bellingham for the Sound Culture:  Adventures Festival – April 30 thru May 2, 2015, My set will include two music/video presentations, an excerpt of my work Passi as the music to Susan Haines’ short dance film “A Study in Red #4”, and a video re-showing of “Gazing;” the contemporary dance (choreography Susan Haines, music myself).  Lastly, I will be premiering an electroacoustic work for the festival titled “Alarm Will Sound.”


Excerpt from the review on the pages of Just Outside of Every Junkie is a Recording.

Very hallucinatory, very enticing. The serene rhythm disappears into the void, leaving a large, rippling eddy- Just Outside (full review here)

Excerpt from the review on the pages of Chain D.L.K. of Every Junkie is a Recording.

we are strolling down a familiar street at night, perhaps in the fog, the lights from the lamp posts providing little pools of welcome illumination. The texture, however, morphs into a less distinct rhythm as the opening section progresses, and a more alien, metallic feel creeps into the tones of the upper registers. Now little gusts of wind are heard – the landscape has changed to the less familiar, even as we continue walking tentatively forward. – Chain D.L.K (full review here)

I had a great time attending the dance of “Gazing” and hanging out with Susan Haines (choreographer) and Bruce Hamilton (composer) in their neck of the woods in Bellingham, WWU Performing Arts Center.  It was a great show and loved the interpretation of the piece.  I will post the video as soon as it is available, but for now here are some photographs from my visit.

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Program Notes

JC Combs & Susan Haines

JC Combs & Susan Haines

Bruce Hamilton & J.C. Combs

Bruce Hamilton on the Stylus

Bruce Hamilton on the Stylus

WWU Studio

WWU Studio

A new release to the sound art-hybrid world “Every Junkie is a Recording,”- a piece which travels in and around ambient, drone, accidental sounds, mystery synthesis and melodic noise.  Available for online purchase now.


November 19, 2013

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The Troll pdf for solo piano example mp3


Morning at Ballard Locks pdf for solo piano example mp3