Contact regarding public performances A Seattle Travelogue for Solo Piano Nightfall on Post Alley pdf      example mp3      pic1 Glass Elevator pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 The Gum Wall pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 Outside the Theater pdf       example mp3      pic1 pic2 Along the Trail pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 4th and Bell pdf     example […]

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The New Rules (part 1)

Ladies and Gentlemen, If you have been following this space, you have had the privilege of witnessing first hand, a composer composing in the most traditional (notated untradititional) sense, to then flip everything over on its head. As for the former, I used to blog regularly about my compositions as they were notated, clean, and […]

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Doing the Technological Limbo

Recently, through participation in the event ImprovFriday and experimenting with what I’d term is a mixture of plunderphonics, sound art, glitch, soundscapes, field recording, electroacoustic, music concrete, acousmatic, ambiance and noise (!), I’ve piled up quite a bit of works which are now organized fairly neatly into albums at my Bandcamp site. At the moment […]

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In the Context of Change

Preface:  Readers, you might have been wondering if I’m some kind of nutcase whenever I bring up UFOs and ET.  Let me make this clear.  I have never seen a UFO or ET and I have never had a supernatural experience.  I do look for UFOs on Youtube frequently, but have to say I am […]

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Listen to David Toub

Link: David Toub Its Saturday night and I’m dying of heat. I was planning to compose a 20 minute-plus work dedicated to Mars Webbens this weekend and ended up composing IMO the most mainstream work yet to date: An Incidental Lucid Moment (although I kind of dig it). Anyway, I want to give a nice […]

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