Steve Moshier – The Calling – improvfriday (9/25/09)

Steve Moyes – Sycamore

Alun Vaughan – Just a Phase

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Impro 09/25/09

Lee Noyes – Clustering

Johnny & Faith – Improv 9/25/09 theramin

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.Sep.20.2009

Shane W. Cadman – Piece 092509

Steve Layton – 1.  Spaceship (attribution to Benjamin Smith, Lee Noyes, Steve Moshier, Token Wonder).  2.  The Library of Babel (attribution to Adam Kondor, Benjamin Smith, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Shane W. Cadman).  3.  All Through the Night (attribution to Jeff Harrington, Steve Moshier, Token Wonder, Build, Roman Opalka).

Adam Kondor – SuperBrand

Jeffrey Harrington – Thunder – Sanibel Island – 7-25-09

Paul Muller – 9/26/09

JC Combs – September 25, 2009 with War of the Worlds Fake News Cast (Attribution to Lee Noyes, Jeffrey Harrington)

Greg Hooper – Limit (video impro)

Bruce Hamilton –  Fole-felu improv part 1 – Fole-felu improv part 2 (Attribution to Jeff Harrington, Steve Moyes)

Thomas Bjørnseth – Episode 7

Benjamin Smith – Ben.improv.July.31.2009

Paul Hertz – Seven Sixty-Second Striving Songful Strains

Paul Muller – Four Five Six-Four

David Toub – Excerpt from ‘Textbook

Alun Vaughan – Summer Apparently

JC Combs – One of Two and  Two of Two (Samples for One of Two used with permission from Berkeley College of Music Sample Archive CC 3.0)

Joseph Benzola – Portraits of the Dead:  Kerouac, Gysin, and Burroughs

Bruce Hamilton – Fanner

Johnny & Faith – Token Wonder 7-31-09

ImprovFriday June 12, 2009

Charles TurnerWind and Heat — *Robot Disco

Alun VaughanYadirf

Lloyd Rodgers Group per Paul Bailey Twelve from the Black Book 3/10/01

JC CombsUstream Performance 5/24/096.12impro

Steve MoyesBeing Undoing

Joseph Benzola Prayer for Peace

Greg HooperNothing On

James RossIrrational Music No. 1 for Pencil and Chair — *Irrational Music No. 2 for Pencil, Chair , Voice and Cat

Lee NoyesRossettoNoyesSaresanssnarehandsNoyesjune12SnaresanssnareNoyesJune12

Jukka-Pekka KervinenImpro #13

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