Starting at 6 p.m. PST, Friday the 13th, I will be on Twitter to share an improvisation and music with other nonpop composers.  Now this doesn’t mean that the Stweet Art Collective (thanks Jeff Harrington) can’t start earlier.  Have at it!

Once again, here is the current list of composers that I won’t rule out for joining in the form of listening and/or improvising.  They are all very interesting to follow as well. – Jeff Harrington – Dave Seidel – Paul Bailey – Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – David Toub JC Combs Anonymous – Johnny & Faith – Randy Gibson – Renato Borges – Paul Hertz

I really want everyone to participate in OIF (especially with all the NNM improvisers I know of) and I’m getting just slightly frustrated that so many people view joining Twitter as leaving Facebook or Friendster or whatever to join another social network just for the sake of OIF. I’m seriously thinking about making a short instructional video.

What I advise is that you sign up a Twitter account, but don’t worry about signing in until Friday when you participate or just listen.  Think of it as club hopping.  I also suggest using the same username and password as you do for your other favorite SN.

Here is the list of known participants (listeners and players) to follow (follow is twitter speak for befriending somebody) from week one and two and some who will definitely participate in the form of listening or playing in the future.  – Jeff Harrington  – Dave Seidel  – Paul Bailey Jukka-Pekka Kervinen  –  David Toub  JC Combs  Anonymous Johnny & Faith –  Randy Gibson  – Renato Borgess  – Paul Hertz