Northern Lights Wrapping Up

After five months of hard work, I have finally finished up the ambient album Northern Lights.  Here is the cover art by Erica Verkamp (acrylic paint on canvas) and a track below to preview.  I would estimate the release date as sometime before 2018. Advertisements

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New Release: Winter, Spring and Fall

I finally was able put together an album of improvisations performed over the last year (Cellar Door Records).  Also included are a couple works, “Currents” and “Elevator to the Moon.”  In the near future I will be releasing an album of sound art-related works titled “Songs of the Singularity.”  Stay tuned.  – JC

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Excursion Score Website

I was thinking about modern day sheet music, how it could be presented.  So I thought about how newspapers and magazines have shifted to an online format and how easy it would be to host my own scores not only here at my main website, but also create a site purely for the works in […]

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