Contact regarding public performances A Seattle Travelogue for Solo Piano Nightfall on Post Alley pdf      example mp3      pic1 Glass Elevator pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 The Gum Wall pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 Outside the Theater pdf       example mp3      pic1 pic2 Along the Trail pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2 4th and Bell pdf     example […]

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Piano Reconstructed

Gust plays piano, inside piano, tape recorders, and electronics. He is an improviser and he composes and performs new music. And it looks like Gust now has a blog that’s a keeper titled, “Piano Reconstructed.” So far, Gust is providing some tasty audio treats of live performance and, personally, I think that’s a great concept.

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About Composer Marc’antonio Modaro

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, composer Marc’antonio Modaro. I met Marco back in the days of  We used to frequent their message boards and enjoyed lively debates (of course in the middle of composing works).  We then coincidently joined a composer network called “The Group” which subsequently changed (with my […]

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Chopin on Performing

Another Sunday, worked this morning a bit and decided to spend the day relaxing. However, when I punched in to check out my blog, I noticed a new WordPress feature. In a streak of red-orange the words “Post Now” appeared in the dashboard. So what was I to do? I followed the orders, but figured […]

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