Excursion Score Website

November 20, 2013


I was thinking about modern day sheet music, how it could be presented.  So I thought about how newspapers and magazines have shifted to an online format and how easy it would be to host my own scores not only here at my main website, but also create a site purely for the works in question, thereby allowing me to post information relevant to the score and not clutter up this site.  So far I have sheet music, photos and mp3 MIDI examples.  I intend to replace a few of the recordings with my own performances in the future.


November 19, 2013

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Outside the Theater

October 16, 2013

Outside the Theater pdf for solo piano example mp3



October 10, 2013

Contact president.james@gmail.com regarding public performances

A Seattle Travelogue for Solo Piano


  1. Nightfall on Post Alley pdf      example mp3      pic1
  2. Glass Elevator pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2
  3. The Gum Wall pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2
  4. Outside the Theater pdf       example mp3      pic1 pic2
  5. Along the Trail pdf      example mp3      pic1 pic2
  6. 4th and Bell pdf     example mp3      pic1
  7. The Troll pdf     example mp3      pic1 pic 2
  8. Morning at Ballard Locks pdf     example mp3      pic1 pic2
  9. Underground Passageway pdf     example mp3      pic1
  10. Waterfront Drive pdf     example mp3      pic1 pic2

“Tonsils on Piano” Score

February 12, 2009

Readers, here is the score for “Tonsils on Piano.” Notice the instructions to the player piano and human. Human: Play fast as physically possible. Robot: Presto. To look closer at the score, press down on the “cntrl” button and mouse wheel in. The human is at a great loss to the player piano on this one, but perhaps one day with new technology a human could match the speed as in the audio recording at the bottom. However, if anyone manages to play this at any decent level of speed past adagio, I’d be rather impressed!


Tonsils on Piano

Of course its a little too hard to follow along with the above audio, so I’ll post this follow-along version.